Corps sans Organes (2021) 


Corps sans Organes (Body without Organs)

This performance art explored the mutability of the body, the essential nature of the body, and sexuality under the theme of the philosophical concept of the body without organs.
The performance combined the theatricality of Butoh with the improvisational nature of the body and the elements of action painting. 


The year 2020 was the most Internet (digital) intensive year for humanity.
the process of performance in a video/digital work and actual live performance is completely different. Digital performance (physicality) exists beyond time and place, and is capable of all kinds of transformation and metamorphosis.
On the other hand, the physicality of
live performance has all kinds of limitations (place, time, safety) and requires a lot of conditions to be met.
In the year 2021, the hybrid of the virtual and the real is interacting with each other, and the new normal has become the norm. My physicality, as well as society, will function in both real and virtual spaces.

In the performance "Corps sans Organes” (Body without Organs), I started with an empty physicality (like a fetus), and then encountered my genitals (self). With the transforming landscape, I finally encountered and combined my detached organism-body.
In 2020, we have been experiencing "consciousness without a body (ghost)" internally, but we need to look at the future where virtual and real interact with each other with our own physicality.