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MATRIX (2022)


The matrix is the mother body, the uterus which is also used in biology and medicine as the word "interstitial''.

In this video performance work, I focused on the "intrinsic difference" that exists in one's body - physicality.

The egg that appears in the video is a symbol of circulatory time, identity, and heredity, and the flesh is a symbol of sexuality and physicality.

Butoh dance is a physical expression that traverses between life and death, between sexuality and asexuality, and at the same time, it is ritual and transformative.

The differential physicality of the self that emerges through Butoh is at once transformative and cyborg.

The encounter with the intrinsic cyborg that emerges with the occurrence of ovulation, the repetition of bodily difference that is biologically repeated, and the ritual intersection of internal identity and internal difference.

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