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The Memory of Physicality  (2021)


​The  Memory of  Physicality


“The seat of the soul is where the inner and outer worlds meet

Where the inner and outer worlds permeate, every part that permeates becomes the seat of the soul.”   by Novalis.

In 2020, when we were cut off from direct and physical relationships with others, our awareness of physicality and physical sensations changed.

Every shield blocks our direct physicality.

My work is a memory of my physicality sealed by self-confidence, in which the captured spirit exists.

Hair is a dead cell, however it grows every day, so there is a view of life and death there.

Also human skin is said to be the third human brain.

My body trapped inside has spirituality and heat, breathes and continues to exist.

This art work was exhibited at  the group Exhibition

“Sanctuary of the Aftermath” curated by Jason Jenn and Vojislav Radovanović
(Angels Gate Cultural Center / San Pedro, CA  )
10th, April  - 12th, June ,2021

You can still visit the virtual gallery here :


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