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Internal STRINGS  (2021)

internal  strings 1.jpg



We live by recognizing the world immersed in identity.

The body is an organic cell body that is unified with identity.

A visceral object composed of strings inspired by Superstring Theory, entwined with the body, and changing its shape in a complicated manner.

At the same time, the body attempts to avoid identity.

The string that appears in my performance is the one that controls the dimension, and also symbolizes all the conditions that exist in society.

This performance records the process of the body experiencing differences within identity through high-dimensional laces. High entropy of the body and string that transforms in the potential dimension.

The Japanese Noh masks that appear in this work are symbols of death and life, and they blend together in a higher dimension.


internal strings2.jpg
Internal strings8.jpg
Internal strings5.jpg
Internal strings4.jpg
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