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"A Tender Limb" Art Exhibition: 


Join me at Reisig and Taylor Contemporary in Los Angeles for "A Tender Limb," a group exhibition featuring works of Ibuki Kuramochi, Marley White, and Allison Arkush.


 Opening Reception: Saturday, January 27, 5pm - 10pm 


 Duration: January 27 - February 24, 2024


 Location: Reisig and Taylor Contemporary, LA 

2680 S. La Cienega Boulevard



Press Release



Made with clogged drains, broken legs, earthen strands, muddy bows, scraped elbows, tiled feet, drooling lips, and unflushed fish, the viscerally integrated works are tethered between virtual and raw-material mediums as each artist uniquely performs the spaces and times their bodies (of work) take-up. Strung-out along the limits of familiar objects and ordinary encounters, the works collectively but independently unfurl tendrilled connections between subversive forms of intimacy, physicality, memory, affinity, and economy.

Recontextualizing ‘everyday' interactions with items, furnitures, images, screens, trinkets, skins, figments, tangles, tools, morsels and other abeyant entities that congeal or contract as soon as someone looks (away), the exhibition asks how bodies make-room for objects through desire and affection—through taste. But it also asks how conditioned desires, affections, and tastes for objects make-room for (specific types of) bodies. When desire is reduced to metaphors of dis/taste, eating, and consumption, are exchanges with art objects molded in terms of the entrailed insides and outsides of a body’s relation to digestible—bite-sized—edible matter?

Recording or uncutting umbilical ties within and between any single piece, the artworks demonstrate alternatives to devouring the object (eating the other). Against this consumerist construction of desire, a different kind of bodily exchange occurs through liminal, limbinal works with tender, tendered extremities: jutting, tying, leaking, sagging. No inners and no outers, no subjects and no objects, no heres and no theres…. It is difficult to say where one work begins and the other ends…. Only a tenderness, a vulnerability, remains….

But this is not a tenderness that yields or gives-way. This tendered tendril tenderness reaches, extends, and seeks-out, sorely exposing itself to every risk in order to make-contact with an other. To find you.

An offering, a tendered limb.

A tendril clasp, a tender limb.



"Liquid Senses"  Performance Show  

This performance is a part of the art show

Time-Being: Scientific, Philosophical, and Mystical Perspectives

Curated by Khang Nguyen 

Date: February 9, 2024 
Location: Wonzimer Gallery, LA 

'Time Being' Closing Reception and Performance By Ibuki Kuramochi  

Doors 7PM 

Performance 8PM  


"Liquid Senses" is an exploration that merges the ethereal realms of Butoh dance, visceral expressions, and the fluidity of identity. 

This performance delves into the essence of corporeality, the uterus, and amniotic fluid, navigating the boundaries between the physical and the metaphysical. Through the poetic movements of Butoh dance, the performer embodies the essence of liquid, embracing the transformative nature of fluidity. - Ibuki Kuramochi


Suggested $15 donation

RSVP Link:  

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