"Memories of Tomorrow’s Sunrise"
At The Ronald H Silverman Fine Arts Gallery

Exhibition Run: June 8, 2022 - July 15, 2022.

Exhibition In-Person Opening: Wednesday, June 8, 2022, from 5pm-9pm


The Ronald H. Silverman Fine Arts Gallery
California State University, Los Angeles,
5151 State University Drive, LA CA 90032.

The exhibition poetically investigates concepts of legacy, personal relationships, family ancestry, cultural identity, and the historical struggles of being human from thirteen artists with varied perspectives and backgrounds. Memories of Tomorrow’s Sunrise includes installation, photography,  painting, sculpture, video art, auditory art, performance art, memorials, and interactive experiences.


“Someday, all of us in this present moment will become the memories of tomorrow’s sunrise. This exhibition is a journey into how we as artists fit into and find ourselves among the collective narrative. It’s about how we make contributions to society and create legacy through connection to our history and with our art.”  - Jason Jenn, co-curator and artist.


The exhibition is the second in a series exploring the intersection of art and healing. The first, Sanctuary of the Aftermath, opened in 2021 at Angels Gate Cultural Center. The exhibition was featured in Americans for the Arts special issue “Art and Mental Health” and We Rise LA’s Mental Health Awareness program. 


“...this exhibition with its installations, video, and auditory art proves that artists can work at the top of their game even at the most challenging times.” - Edward Goldman, Art Matters, 2021


Memories of Tomorrow’s Sunrise recognizes the role of ancestors, blood families, chosen families, and mentors alongside the traumas, tragedies, and teachings in making us who we are today. Despite the overwhelming issues facing the continued coexistence of humanity and nature, the artworks examine elements of the past to illuminate possibilities for the future. The gallery becomes a place for visitors to find solace, witness meaningful stories, and make necessary connections.


Memories of Tomorrow’s Sunrise is curated by Jason Jenn and Vojislav Radovanović with Mika Cho, Professor, ART/Director, The Ronald H. Silverman Fine Arts Gallery, Cal State LA. 


The exhibition features the artists Enrique Castrejon, Serena JV Elston, Anita Getzler, Jason Jenn, Ibuki Kuramochi, Marne Lucas, Trinh Mai, Hande Sever, Vojislav Radovanović, Marval A Rex, Kayla Tange, Nancy Kay Turner, & Jessica Wimbley.


In addition to the opening reception, there will be an online artist talk and live performances (dates TBD). For more details, please visit: https://www.laartdocuments.com/memories












Online Exhibition 
"No beginning No end"

Curated by Mich Miller 

At Ladies' Room LA

APRIL 21, 2022 — JULY 9, 2022

The past two years have brought on a global preoccupation with beginning and ending. 

When did it begin and when will it end?

Those same two years have been a lesson, for those who didn’t already know, that the world does not exist to satisfy our questions.

The artists in this exhibition play with intangible forces. They seem to know that history has already looped back into itself and they revel in its tangle. They allow the tangible and intangible to embrace. They’ve given up their lead in the smooth slow dance of speculation.

Quinci Baker’s weavings transform plastic into glitched-out traditional patterns that seem to vibrate on their own. Taylor Clough’s sidelong looks at the Wild West overlay natural beauty and Americana advertisement with alternating tenderness, irony, and irreverence. Kat Richard’s clustered yet expanding shapes mutate right off the surface.

Monochromatic works by Ahree Lee, Cheyann Washington, and myself ask one to question what they're seeing. Sara Rahmanian, Vaughan Larsen, and Ibuki Kuramochi all adorn and distort the body, each of their works offer strange transformations. Brianna Bass painstakingly converts sound to chroma, building a strumming surface with each brushstroke.

Each one of the last seven hundred sixty days and counting has given me a personalized lesson on being in the moment. I have been a resentful student a good majority of those days, feeling more constraint than freedom. Today I’m seeing these works create their own time and space, stretching what a moment can hold. They remind me that the real world holds all that is unreal within itself. Whatever spills out is just a swirl - no beginning, no end. — Rebecca Shippee, Los Angeles, CA

Visit the Exhibition Space : 








"Landscapes: Interior & Exterior"

(New York Hall of Science/ New York , U.S.)


Feb 19 to  May 22, 2022

The notion of boundary between the interior and exterior permeates many aspects of life. With the threshold of inside versus outside governing much of how we understand the world, our basic reality is characterized by a construct of separateness and the vital comfort of the contained self. From every angle, unwanted exposure counters deliberate connection as a constant force of push and pull. From inside the body to the great outdoors, from the level of bacteria to that of the psychological, how tangled are the landscapes we are composed of and live within? The artwork in this exhibition explores these questions from the personal, scientific, and artistic points of view.

- Tarah Rhoda, Guest Curator (SciArt Initiative ) 


Adriano Marinazzo, Darya Warner, Elena Soterakis, Francois-Joseph Lapointe, Heather Parrish & Elizabeth Hnaff & Leo Roussel, Heide Hatry, Ibuki Kuramochi​, Jennifer Willet, Laura Murray, Laura Stack, Liz Hickok, Michelle Robinson, Ramey Newell, Rian Hotton, Susan Hoffman Fishman, and Yujia Bian. 





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