Ultra! Extra Performance Art

Saturday, August 21 at 3pm
(Torrance Art Museum/ LA )


Join us for an extra serving of Ultra! during an afternoon of exciting performance art on Saturday, August 21 at 3pm from the artists Ibuki Kuramochi and Beck + Col with Tetiana Sklyarova and Kayla Aguila.

Ibuki Kuramochi presents Corps sans Organes, a  performance with Butoh movement and live painting on a massive canvas. Under the theme of the philosophical concept "body without organs", Ibuki Kuramochi will present the intrinsic, sexuality and transformative nature of the body.

SciArt Initiative exhibition "Landscapes: Interior & Exterior"

November. 2021

(New York Hall of Science/ New York , U.S.)

Curation by Tarah Rhoda



Group Exhibition "Repetition of Difference" 

January to March.  2022

(Torrance Art Museum/ LA )
Curated by Khang Bao Nguyen