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CO/LAB 2023

@ Torrance Art Museum
March 28th-May 6th


Opening 25th March 6 -9pm

TAM’s innovative global contemporary art program, Co/Lab.
Each year artist-run galleries from around the world are invited to partner with a SoCal one to
present 4 unique, international, and pioneering collaborative exhibitions.


Fosforita (Madrid) & Durden and Ray (Los Angeles)
FEATURED ARTISTS: Carlos Beltrán (USA/Mexico), Gul Cagin (USA), Lan Duong (USA), Le
Frére (Spain), Ben Jackel (USA), Javier Jimeno (Spain), Ty Pownall (USA), Eva Zaragozá
(Spain), Irene Zóttola (Spain)


515 (Los Angeles) & Supermarket (Stockholm)
FEATURED ARTISTS: Joey Holdren (US/NO), Robert Kingston (US), Alice Máselníková
(SE/CZ)m Pontus Raud (SE), Andreas Ribbung (SE), HK Zamani (US)


Tiger Strikes Asteroid, (Los Angles) & Space One (Seoul)
FEATURED ARTISTS: Inyoung Kim (South Korea), Jihyung Song (South Korea), Rene C
Hayashi (Mexico), Sala de Espera, Talia Pérez Gilbert,Luis Alonso Sánchez (Mexico),
Kyoco Taniyama (Japan)

Kalashnikovv Gallery (Johannesburg) & Wönzimer (Los Angeles)
FEATURED ARTISTS: Faith XLVII, Louis Devilliersiv, Ibuki Kuramochi, Natalie Paneng, Joshua
AM Ross, Cheyann Washington, Ann Webert


the drawings of Zak Smith

"This show functions as both retrospective and reading room, where viewers are permitted to do
what artists and collectors get to do all the time: relax on a couch, thumb through a book or
magazine, and move toward specific works when an image calls out to them, rather than fulfilling
the traditional role of taking all of the art in with a series of dutiful standing bursts before
hustling themselves back out into their busy lives. " -Zak Smith

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