Exhibition "Incarnated Ghosts" 

Jan 8 - Jan 29. 2022 

Curated by Sungjae Lee

(Lee &Lee Gallery /LA)  

3130 Wilshire Blvd Suite 502, Los Angeles, CA 90005, United States

Participating Artists :

Ke jyun Wu 

Kuan-ju Wu 

Mikhail Mansion 

Ibuki Kuramochi 

Sungjae Lee 

Curatorial Statement

Incarnated Ghosts: 肉化鬼神

The COVID-19 has pushed the trend of digital art and its platforms. RGB-based images, videos, and animations, and algorithm arts are archived into NFTs and people are getting used to appreciate artworks on monitors and phone screens.

Like ever-floating ghosts, such images of artworks seem to virtually exist online, but here 5 artists bring them to the physical world along with issues about body and nature. Video projections & installations, digital paintings, and interactive kinetic sculptures invite the audience to the place where we live, which is surrounded by ground and walls.


Exhibition "Repetition of Difference" 

January  22nd - March 12th,  2022
Curated by Khang Bao Nguyen  

(Torrance Art Museum/ LA ) 

3320 Civic Center Drive Torrance, CA 90503

Featured artists:

Asad Faulwell

Ibuki Kuramochi

Khang Nguyen

Alicia Piller

Brian Randolph

Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia

Linnea Spransy

Kayla Tange

SciArt Initiative exhibition "Landscapes: Interior & Exterior"

(New York Hall of Science/ New York , U.S.)

Curated by Tarah Rhoda