October 3rd - December 12th, 2020 

Group ExhibtionThe Five Facets of Humanity:

Fellows of Contemporary Art 

970 N. Broadway, Suite 208, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Meta-human, Inhuman, Nonhuman, Trans-human, Super-human


Questions about human nature and the values, goals, and ends that humans ought to actualize have always been at variance.  Differences in understanding emerge not only about the being of humankind but also the ideals of humanity.  


Answers to the questions about our human nature and humanity can be sought in five facets: by contrasting the human with the meta-human (the metaphysical), the nonhuman (the environment), the inhuman (negative human behaviors), the trans-human (future states of humankind), or the supra-human (conscious machines).  


In each facet the question at issue and the basis for comparison is a different one: a transcendent difference from the metaphysical, a relative difference in consideration of humans’ embeddedness in complex ecosystems, an ethical difference with respect to the ideals of human conduct, an evolutionary difference between the present state of being and the future of becoming, and a typological difference between natural development and technological augmentation.  


How is human nature to be defined and what are the ideals for which humans ought to strive in relation to each facet?  For each facet the idea of humanity is to be defined differently.


These are the issues that a contemporary understanding of the idea of humanity must address.  To do so is the objective of this exhibition.



Adrienne DeVine, Ann Phong, China Adams, Colin Roberts, Doug Harvey, Gary Brewer, HK Zamani, Ibuki Kuramochi, Jason Ramos, Kio Griffith, Mei Hotta, Sean Noyce, Snezana Petrovic, Takeshi Kanemura, Virginia Katz

Curated by Khang Nguyen

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Hours: Wed. - Saturday, 1 - 5 pm by appointment

* Mask and social distancing required

To view the exhibit online,(Virtual gallery will be open on October 3rd)


Zoom Opening Reception: October 3rd, 2020, 5 - 7 pm




October.15th. 2020

Cellista's RAGE: Dance film & album

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Cellista’s RAGE debuts on October 15th, 2020.
RAGE is a politically-charged multi movement dance film created as a companion piece to Dr. Frank Seeburger’s book The Irrelevance of Power. Directed by Cellista. Edited by Jennifer Gigantino.

Raucous, unapologetic, and raw.
RAGE offers a mirror to what passes for reality in these unprecedented times. 

It is an intensely collaborative work, pairing musicians with dancers, all creating works prompted by Cellista and inspired by The Irrelevance of Power. The seven movement dance suite features original choreography from Lauren Baines, Janesta, butoh dancers Ibuki Kuramochi, and josie j (divinebrick) and ballerina Naomi Le.  
Cover art by renowned graffiti artist Eddie Colla.

RAGE features Cellista’s colleagues: Joshua Icban (Fantastic Negrito), Grammy-nominated drummer/producer PC Munoz (pcmunoz.com), electronic artist Dustin Schultz (Skinny Puppy) with soprano Hilary Whitmore, noise musician Jess Coble, and percussionist Brietta Greger. 
All recordings were made during the pandemic at each artist’s respective home and mixed remotely by Maryam Qudus (ilovedoeye.com) and Cellista. The album was mastered by Beau Sorenson.




Spring, 2021

The Pandemic Archive & Slow Burn NYC

Exhibition “Nature | Tech Part II” (New York, U.S)


SciArt Initiative exhibition "Culture of Contamination"

(New York Hall of Science/ New York , U.S.)

Curation by Tarah Rhoda